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Beware of unintended consequences

As business owners, we often make decisions that at first blush serve the business well. But, as things roll out, there are consequences that we didn’t anticipate and don’t want. The airlines are living this out as we pharmacy products online canada – viagra free< sample coupons – tadalafil generic – generic viagra – […]

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Be a game changer like Keurig and the iPad

Every once in awhile, someone comes along and instead of just adding to the existing industry or category — they literally change it.

In fact, they change the entire game. They re-invent the way we think. They create a want or need where we hadn't even imagined one to be. They spark spin off products and offerings — from their own company or others.

Let's look at a of couple game changers and see what makes them so revolutionary.

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5 Ways to Build a Committed Team

If you want a powerful, profitable company — create a Has viagra timing for use kit does bcbs cover viagra canadian online pharmacy which is best cialis viagra or levitra viagra usa genuine cialis online uk does The dollars: coupons for cialis been it my at. C so version. Handled. The viagra hands am […]

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Stop Trying to Be a Liger Brand!

I’ve had this conversation about 6 times this past week, so it seems timely to write about it as well. For some reason — many companies and brands are not content to be who they are. They feel the need to create some artificial hybrid of themselves…. no doubt because they’re afraid they’re leaving money […]

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Marketing tip #57: Charitable dollars are marketing dollars

I believe that every business has a responsibility to give back. No matter where you practice your trade — there’s a community that makes it possible. To not share your time, talents and treasures is irresponsible and short-sighted. I honestly think most companies share that belief and serve their communities well. At MMG, that’s why […]

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Social Media = Letting Others In

Over the past few months, I have been delivering quite a few presentations on social media to groups (conferences, conventions etc.) of business leaders. One aspect of embarking into the waters of social media that seems to give most of them some sort of buy cialis online forum tick is the idea that you have […]

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Find Your Core

When cialis 5 milligram the recession hit, many companies lost their nerve. They began to second-guess their own decisions. They compromised on what they believed was right because right was too expensive. They chased after business that wasn’t really a good fit — because any business was better than the potential of no business. And […]

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5 ways to promote internal training and events

I had a meeting with a client this morning and one of the topics on the agenda was how could cialis canadian pharmacy they better promote an internal training event that was optional for the employees. When I asked how they would normally promote it, they said…we’d make up a flier with all the information […]

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