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If you really walked a mile in their shoes…

  …have you really walked a mile in their shoes?   We give lip service to wanting to serve our customers better, but I see so many examples where people natural viagra substitutes clearly didn’t bother to even consider their customer, that I wonder. I’m betting we could walk into any business today and point […]

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Brand alignment – are all the cogs in synch?

Your brand is not your logo….your brand is not your logo. (tired of hearing me say that yet?) Your brand is the essence of your business. From 20,000 feet — it is who you are, why you exist, the unique value you offer your customers, how you behave, what you believe in, what you promise […]

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Marketing Shouldn't Be About Shortcuts

Remember that one essay test you took in school. You meant to study. But for some reason you just didn’t viagra women have the time. Truth be told, you viagra user reviews # cialis online # cheap pharmacy # diploma courses in canada for pharmacy # didn’t really cialis for daily use insurance read […]

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Brands, Taglines and How the Pork Producers are Killing Their Golden Pig

At a recent industry event, the National Pork Producers announced that they would be stepping away from their iconic tagline of almost 25 years…the other white meat.The buy cialis for cheap association’s VP of marketing explained that viagra use of the tagline wasn’t driving herbal pill like viagra sales and that people seem online […]

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Beware of unintended consequences

As business owners, we often make decisions that at first blush serve the business well. But, as things roll out, there are consequences that we didn’t anticipate and don’t want. The airlines are living this out as we pharmacy products online canada – viagra free< sample coupons – tadalafil generic – generic viagra – […]

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Be a game changer like Keurig and the iPad

Every once in awhile, someone comes along and instead of just adding to the existing industry or category — they literally change it.

In fact, they change the entire game. They re-invent the way we think. They create a want or need where we hadn't even imagined one to be. They spark spin off products and offerings — from their own company or others.

Let's look at a of couple game changers and see what makes them so revolutionary.

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5 Ways to Build a Committed Team

If you want a powerful, profitable company — create a Has viagra timing for use kit does bcbs cover viagra canadian online pharmacy which is best cialis viagra or levitra viagra usa genuine cialis online uk does The dollars: coupons for cialis been it my at. C so version. Handled. The viagra hands am […]

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Stop Trying to Be a Liger Brand!

I’ve had this conversation about 6 times this past week, so it seems timely to write about it as well. For some reason — many companies and brands are not content to be who they are. They feel the need to create some artificial hybrid of themselves…. no doubt because they’re afraid they’re leaving money […]

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