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Lead Generation Best Practices Part 3: When to Use Outbound vs Inbound

While there are benefits for using inbound marketing to nurture prospects until they self-qualify as sales-ready buyers, make sure you include outbound calling for prospect development in situations where inbound is less likely to be effective. The right outbound/inbound balance depends heavily on variables like company size (larger solution providers continue to spend more on […]

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Lead Generation Best Practices Part 2: Segment & Test Your Market

As companies generate sales leads from marketing initiatives like webinars, tradeshows, landing pages, website downloads and social media, a symptom of success is that marketing databases grow by hundreds and thousands of names. The downside is that there is no intelligence about whether the names meet lead qualifying criteria like company size, target industry, decision […]

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Lead Generation Best Practices Part 1: Agree on Lead Definition

As simple as it sounds, agreement on the definition of a sales lead can be elusive. The lack of agreement results in marketing forwarding to sales large volumes of names with qualifying criteria absent or overstated. After making a few calls to these so-called “leads” and discovering they are not sales-ready buyers, reps in the […]

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Ten Critical Questions to Ask about Your Marketing Strategy

As obvious as it might seem, there are some basic questions to ask about marketing spend when developing your marketing strategy—and you will be surprised by the answers: 1. How much will each marketing campaign really cost? 2. Does each have a clear objective (awareness, interest, response)? 3. What are the expected results (best and […]

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Outbound vs. Inbound Marketing: What’s the Right Lead Generation Mix?

Outbound vs. inbound marketing—what’s the right mix? 80/20 outbound? The reverse? A 50/50 split? My answer: some of the time it depends, but the answer in one specific situation is clear. Inbound marketing is simple conceptually. Distributed widely through social media, great content attracts interested contacts who digitally raise their hands in blog conversations, find […]

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10 Inside Sales Predictions for 2011

Top ten predictions for inside sales in 2011 from The Bridge Group. This includes aspects of roles, data, metrics, onboarding, scoring, nurturing and a change in focus away from “bright shiny objects” in the form of technology solutions.

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Lead Generation Best Practices: Introducing the 7-Part Series

Lead generation best practices are universally desirable, but, too often, elusive. With this post, I’m introducing a series of blogs that identify common lead generation challenges and describe seven best practices to address them. First—to promote common ground—I offer this definition of best practices from the Government Accounting Office: “Best practices are the processes, practices, […]

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Teleservices Business Process Outsourcing: Want to Go North or South?

Business process outsourcing of teleservices—lead generation, lead qualification and lead nurturing—generally goes in one of two directions: north or south.

North is good. A best-practice teleservices firm closes the gap between marketing and sales to create demand, qualify leads, and fill the client’s pipeline with the rock-solid, sales-ready opportunities needed to drive revenue.

South is not so good. Unfortunately, many companies have had negative experiences with teleservices firms that deliver so-called “leads” when they lack agreed-upon qualifying criteria and only serve to waste sales reps’ time. This leads to sales and marketing executives feeling they haven’t gotten the results and ROI they expected, and they are reluctant to consider teleservices outsourcing as a viable option.

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