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B2B Marketing: Do you know how much your CEO really invests in demand generation?

If it’s almost unheard of for your sales team to make a cold call thanks to a sales pipeline bursting with steaming-hot leads generated by your marketing department, skip this post. If it isn’t, I strongly encourage you to read the following article, which initially appeared on the MarketingExperiments Blog. It’s written by Dave Green, the Director […]

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5 dials to tune in and turn up your lead generation

It’s important to think of lead generation as a process, rather than an isolated event, or a series of campaigns. A process can be continually improved through ongoing testing and refinement and will generate higher quality results more cost effectively (i.e. reduce expense-to-revenue ratio) and improve overall ROI.

Think about your lead generation process as being controlled on a mixing board. Let’s start with 5 of the biggest dials on the board so that we can start to tune in and turn up our lead generation ROI:

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Lead Scoring for the Complex Sale

Recently, I’ve been having more conversations with marketers about lead scoring and how they can use it as a part of the overall lead qualification and nurturing process. So, what is lead scoring anyway? Here’s how I see it. Lead scoring helps quantify the value of a lead based on: the profile of the prospect, […]

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Lead Nurturing Thoughts to Share

Here’s few thoughts that I’ve had on lead nurturing that I’d like to share and get your input on:

1. Lead nurturing supports the conversation of the customer before, during and after their buying process.
2. Sowing + Nurturing = Reaping. As you sow, so shall you reap. A relationship properly sown, tended to, and helped along should reap a long and bountiful harvest.
3. Lead Nurturing is about building relationships through relevant conversations, not campaigns.

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Effective Lead Management: Converting More Leads Into Sales

We had a great turn out for our recent B2B Lead Generation Rountable Webinar “Effective Lead Management: Learn How to Convert Marketing Leads into Sales Pipeline.” In case you missed the live presentation, there are still two ways you can review it: Watch the Presentation recording (no registration) Read the Effective Lead Management Executive Summary

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Thoughts on What IS and ISN’T Lead Nurturing

While chatting with a client recently, she told me that she had just met with her third new boss this year to explain the company’s new lead nurturing process. The problem was that her boss felt their current integrated marketing campaigns qualified as lead nurturing. We discussed the challenges of communicating what IS and ISN’T […]

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Lessons on Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

I’ve heard more B2B marketers citing LinkedIn as a key social network they want to add into their lead generation and marketing strategy. I often get asked questions like “how do you generate leads via LinkedIn (without alienating your network)? How are you doing it? What works, and what doesn’t etc.” In this post, “5 […]

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