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TOPO Summit 2017 – Post Event Insights

Do you remember playing the old game “Connect the Dots” (or “Pigs in a Pen”) as an adolescent? You typically played it when you didn’t care to hear the teacher’s lecture or when recess was called indoors due to poor weather conditions—because let’s be honest, it otherwise wouldn’t be played. But it serves a good […]

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#ABMSummit – MIS – Post Event Insights

You never know what you’re going to get when you bring together sales and marketing. It often feels like the antics of Tom (sales) and Jerry (marketing) when you’re trying to get both groups in the same room to align strategies. You rarely see them hugging it out, but you know that they have a […]

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ICC 2017 – Post Event Insights

What do you get when you combine Vegas and an atomically potent concoction that leaves you seeing orange bright lights and a pallet thirsty for more? No, it’s not Wednesday evening’s cocktail reception sponsored by Ion Interactive. Although, those twinkly orange cups caused quite the stir—our team was treating them as collector’s items! It’s 3 days […]

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