Archive | June, 2015

Video: Three Tech Tools You Need Now

I believe the B2B world is about people connecting with people. I often say there is only one business. There has only ever been one business. There will only ever be one business. The people business. As B2B people, we already know this. That being said, people are connecting with each other and with ideas […]

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When Content Marketing Is More Than SEO

Sometimes, marketers often get mixed up between content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO); they may look similar but in they are in fact, way much different. Credits: In Terms of Objective, Search engine optimisation aims to make the website on the first page of Google in terms of organic search volume. With the constant […]

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Video: Do This To Create Velocity In Your Sales Funnel

A major goal for all of our clients is to shrink the sales funnel. They want to substantially reduce the amount of time it takes for someone to go from knowing very little about them to trusting them implicitly and awarding them with business. Our clients want their prospective clients to trust them with some […]

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