Archive | March, 2015

Video: Why Pain Points Are Not Enough

Focus On Goals Instead To Increase Odds Of Success Lately I’ve noticed that a lot of service organizations are focusing on pain points.  This is usually evident when I visit their website.  There will sometimes be buttons in primary navigation that say something like – You’re Pain Points or Challenges We Address.  Now there’s nothing […]

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Video: Is Your Digital Strategy As Effective As Your Analog Strategy?

Most professional service and B2B firms acquire new clients the old fashioned way – through referrals from clients, partners and strategic alliances.  It’s also quite popular to use public speaking, conferences and events.  Some people join associations and then network.  Still others use cold-calling or lukewarm calling campaigns to set meetings. These are the tried […]

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The Risks and Benefits of Unbranding Your Brand

Credits: The PR and branding team of Thailand tourism board last year had kicked off successfully what the mainstream communications experts or brand gurus may consider a ‘brand suicide’ campaign. The team, created the controversial, ‘I Hate Thailand’, they are well prepared to be responsible for any unfavorable outcome. To them, it is either […]

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