3 Things I Learned at the Search Engine Journal Executive Marketing Conference



sej-logoLast Friday I was in San Francisco for the SEJ executive marketing conference. It was hosted by Search Engine Journal and sponsored by SearchMetrics. It was a small one-day event (which is great). The speakers were first-rate and the food was really good.

Here are the 3 most important things I learned at the conference:

1) Produce ‘Big Rock’ Content

The first speaker of the day was Jason Miller, Leading Content Marketer at LinkedIn. Jason shared some incredible stuff about content development. The gist of his presentation was simple: create a big piece of content and then re-create it into various forms and sub-forms.

For example, create an infographic each month and then create a White Paper based on the infographic, several blog posts, guest articles, webinars, ebooks and even videos. The information you’re sharing in each format is basically the same, the only difference is how you slice it. Create a ‘big rock’ of content and then break a chunk off the rock and re-purpose it for your various channels.

We’ve started doing this at LogMyCalls. Each month we produce an infographic. We then create a White Paper and 6-10 blog posts based on the infographic. After that, we create and promote a webinar discussing the data on the infographic. And, now, we’re going to start creating daily videos summarizing the blog posts.

2) Press Release Services are Losing (Have Lost) Effectiveness

Several speakers actually mentioned this. It wasn’t the thrust of their respective presentations, but it was an underlying theme. Tools like PR Web and PR Newswire are simply not that good for your SEO anymore. Sponsored content is a much better way to spend money. The CEO of Searchmetrics even said “The time when Google will give credence to press releases is basically over.” That’s a data-driven answer from a very sophisticated marketer.

I’ve argued that press release services are worthless in the past as well, albeit for a different reason. My argument–as a former TV news reporter—is that no reporter EVER gets stories from PR Web or PR Newswire. It just doesn’t happen. Now that they’re worthless for SEO as well…

3) Branded Keyword AdWords Spend Will Help Your SEO

This is a much-discussed topic that I’ve seen various answers on. But noted marketer Warren  Lee said, pretty directly, that branded keyword PPC does help your SEO.

Our internal data confirms this. When we spend on branded keywords, our organic ‘visibility’ increases.

4) Make Sure Your Site is Fast

Benu Aggarwal of Milestone Internet Marketing also shared some very interesting data about conversion rates: a 1 second delay in siteload time produces a 7% drop in conversion rate. That’s a big deal.

She also discussed something she calls the ‘6 Foot Test.’ Here’s the gist: if you can’t read the headline and the call-to-action on a landing page–or any page for that matter–from 6 feet away, it isn’t big enough.

There were a ton of other tidbits from the meeting, I’ll share more in future blog posts.

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