Everything You Need to Know About AdWords and Call Tracking in 147 Words


Adwords-1The most common call tracking use case is tracking the effectiveness of AdWords campaigns. Studies have found that marketers are missing about 30% of the revenue generated from AdWords campaigns simply because they’re not tracking phone calls. They are simply not getting credit for all the leads and revenue they are producing.

So, how do marketers use call tracking for Google AdWords?

First, they use Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). This is done with a piece of Javascript installed in the header area of a website. It will dynamically change the phone number dependent on the user session or keyword group. In other words, you can track which campaign is producing calls.

Second, Conversation Analytics can tell you which ads, campaigns, and keywords generate conversions.

Marketers can figure out which ads, campaigns, and keywords generate phone calls and conversions. This will improve the ROI of your AdWords spend.

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