Q&A On ‘The Elements of a Converted Call’ Infographic


describe the imageEarlier this week we released an infographic that compared the characteristics of a converted call to the characteristics of a non-converted call. This infographic is titled The Elements of a Converted Call. We’ve received many questions about the data, the infographic, and the metrics themselves. In this blog post we will seek to answer these questions. 


Why did you create this infographic?

Well, the idea was pretty basic. We simply wanted to compare what happened on converted calls to what happened on non-converted calls. We hoped that there would be some very clear patterns that could a) help marketers figure out how to produce more converted calls and b) help agents and sales professionals produce more converted calls.

We were right. We emerged with a sort of formula for increasing call conversions.

Tell us about the data sample.

The data consists of millions of call segments analyzed by Conversation Analytics in the first 4 months of 2014. These calls came from dozens of industries across North America. We simply had one of our data guys compare the characteristics of converted calls to those of non-converted calls. The data was confirmed and verified by several people on our data team and our CEO (who’s a Wharton grad…so he’s smart and whatnot).

What are the most significant pieces of data?

There are three specific things that stick out to me. The first is the Bonus Tip at the bottom of the infographic. The data showed that when any 8 of these 10 things happened on a call, those calls ended up converted more than 80% of the time. 

That’s a big deal. It is literally like a formula for converting more calls.

The second piece of data is the length of converted calls. Turns out converted calls are 42% longer than non-converted calls. Does this mean that agents should simply keep callers on the line longer? Sort of. If the agent is determining needs and asking open-ended questions, that will increase the likelihood of a conversion. However, if the agent is singing 1970s country music classics just to make the caller stay on the line, that likely won’t have the desired effect.

Third, lead score matters. Agent performance on the phone is key, there is no question about that. But producing callers that are qualified and seeking to buy something is, perhaps, the most important thing. 

Is the data accurate?


Will you produce other infographics?

Yes. There is a TON of data hiding in phone calls just waiting to be found. We’re going to compare data by industry, by location, by marketing channel, and a variety of other things. This data is powerful! There’s incredibly powerful data within phone calls and our goal is to pull it out.

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