The Secret Trick to Generating Better AdWords Leads


top secretIn a recent study, most marketers admitted that they are not entirely satisifed with Adwords leads. They do Adwords because they are obsessed with the traffic. They do Adwords because you’re simply supposed to do Adwords. It’s basic ammunition in the arsenal of the online marketer.

In a previous blog post we discussed how to figure out when/if you should stop Adwords. In this blog post we’ll discuss the secret trick to producing better Adwords leads.

The Secret Trick

Phone calls.

That’s the secret. Generate more phone calls and analyze those calls for data. Roll that data into your ROI, CPL and CPA calculations.

Why Phone Calls Are the Secret Trick

Data extracted by one of our competitors (so I won’t link to it, because that would be dumb) indicates that marketers are simply missing about 20% of their Adwords generated revenue because they are failing to track phone calls generated by Adwords. In other words, their Adwords ROI is 20% or more higher than they think it is because they are simply blind to the data that call tracking provides.

How can that be?

Well, calls have close rates that are 10x to 12x higher than web leads. That means just a few phone calls can generate the revenue produced by A LOT of web leads. So, even if your Adwords campaigns only generate a few dozen calls each month, it is likely that those few dozen calls will generate nearly as much revenue as the thousands of web leads (form fills) that you generated in the same time period.

Large agencies that use LogMyCalls indicate that it takes an average of 6 web leads to produce the revenue generated by 1 phone call.

That’s a big deal.

So, if you want to generate better AdWords leads, here’s your formula:

- Place phone numbers on your landing pages - Some will argue that adding a phone number to the top of your landing pages will ‘distract’ the visitor and lower your conversion rates. This is true. A phone number will distract them…but it is a good distraction! Remember that a caller is a higher quality lead. Why wouldn’t you want to distract them with a phone call.

- Use call tracking and Conversation Analytics - Generating calls doesn’t do much good if you aren’t analyzing which campaigns, ads, and keyword groups generated the calls. It also doesn’t do much good if you’re not analyzing lead quality and conversion rates for those calls. (All of that data can be extracted with Conversation Analytics).

- Use mobile - Calls are outliers in desktop Adwords, but they are mainstream in mobile Adwords. If you want more calls–and again, who wouldn’t, they’re better leads–you should use call extensions on your mobile Adwords campaigns. This will allow call tracking numbers to appear as clickable numbers that a searcher can simply tap to connect with your business.

Google says that 70% of local mobile searches result in a phone call. Mobile search is increasing. In other words, calls will continue to matter more than they already do.

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