Direct Mail and Call Tracking: How Money Mailer Saves Clients With LogMyCalls

logo Money MailerIn our effort to provide data about both the impact and implementation of call tracking, we’re publishing more case studies. This particular case study is about a SaaS lead management system for the rental industry.

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Money Mailer is a direct marketing agency serving local businesses and Fortune 1000 companies. They provide complete marketing solutions to target households across the U.S. Money Mailer has a large corporate sales staff that sells directly to large enterprises. There are also over 200 Money Mailer franchises across North America.

Summary: Why Call Tracking

LogMyCalls is the official call tracking provider of Money Mailer. Money Mailer corporate sales uses LogMyCalls for major clients. Money Mailer franchises across North America also use LogMyCalls. Money Mailer places call tracking numbers from LogMyCalls on the mailers it produces. Call tracking allows the client—and Money Mailer—to determine how many phone calls that specific mailing produced.

“Call tracking is critical to what we do as a company,” says Mike Hiskett, Senior Vice President of Operations. “We want to provide measurable success for our clients. And we want to provide the best tools to our franchisees.”

Hiskett has been in the direct marketing world more than a decade.

“I wouldn’t think of doing any type of direct response marketing without call tracking,” he says. “To market without call tracking would be silly.”

When Hiskett arrived at Money Mailer he realized the company was using a variety of technologies to track success. Corporate sales would use one call tracking tool, for example, and franchises would use others“My goal,” he says. “Was to search for the best tool then implement it on a company-wide basis. We’re one of the biggest agencies in the world. We need the best tools.”

Call tracking helps Money Mailer get new clients and keep current ones

Use Case: Direct Mail and Call Tracking

Michelle Tomczyszyn is a sales manager at Money Mailer corporate sales. She had been working with a major cabinet builder in the Houston area for years.

“They’re a pretty big client,” she says. “They mail to 10 zones regularly.”

Last month Michelle received a call from the owner of the cabinet company. The owner was not happy. He said he was going to stop using Money Mailer because the mailings simply weren’t generating the results he needed.

“I was frustrated,” Tomczyszyn said. “He’s a big client.”

Tomczyszyn decided to look at the data within LogMyCalls.

“I logged in and immediately I saw a big problem. There were a lot of missed calls—calls that weren’t being answered.”

The mailings had worked. They generated dozens and dozens of phone calls. The problem was that a large percentage of the calls—nearly 20%–weren’t being answered by the client.

“So I called the client and showed him the data,” Michelle says. “He was stunned. He said, ‘Wow, I had no idea.’ The client saw all the data, apologized and said he would stay on as a client.”

The client is happier with Money Mailer than ever.

Why LogMyCalls

“I know a lot about call tracking. We researched several solutions. We gathered all the data,” Hiskett says. “And LogMyCalls is simply the best.”

More Features

Hiskett says the features within LogMyCalls are simply better than the other call tracking tools he’s used.

“There really is no comparison,” he says.

LogMyCalls offers call recording on/off, call tracking, simply and exportable reports, whisper tones, powerful telephony, call scoring, call commenting, call tagging, call routing, IVR, demographic data about callers, and even in-depth call analysis.

These are all value-adds for Money Mailer clients.


Money Mailer franchisees purchase call tracking directly from Money Mailer corporate. Call tracking is a strongly encouraged part of being a Money Mailer franchisee. LogMyCalls’ flat pricing and technological scalability allow seamless growth as more franchises use more call tracking numbers.

Additionally, LogMyCalls branded the call analytics dashboard to reflect Money Mailer branding. This allows Money Mailer to offer clients an exclusive, and branded, call tracking portal.

“We’re a big company. There are a lot of moving parts,” Hiskett says. “We needed a tool that was simultaneously simple to use but sophisticated enough to scale. LogMyCalls is great on both fronts.”


Hiskett didn’t want a call tracking company that was fat and happy. He wanted one that was willing to push the envelope, willing to innovate.

“I want to work with companies that are doing cool things,” he says. “LogMyCalls is innovative. They’re doing things that no one else in the industry is doing. That’s important.”

The Future 

“LogMyCalls is a great, great tool,” Hiskett says. “We’ve been using LogMyCalls now for nearly a year. I can honestly say it is the best call tracking tool I’ve ever seen. It works. Our franchisees love it. Their clients love it. Our corporate clients love it.”

And as Money Money grows, call tracking will be critical to their mission as an agency.

“Money Mailer is going to continue to expand,” Hiskett says. “And as we grow we want to grow with LogMyCalls. Agencies of all types should provide call tracking data to their clients. And I would recommend LogMyCalls to any marketer looking for call tracking.”

Click here to read the entire case study in PDF form. 

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