6 Things to Know About Call Recording

recording screenshotCall recording is a somewhat unsung feature of LogMyCalls. But it shouldn’t be. Calls that come through LogMyCalls are recorded. LogMyCalls clients can then log in to the application and listen to the calls.

In fact, we have clients that subscribe to LogMyCalls exclusively for the call recording.

Call recording is critical for any business, and it is done cheaply and easily with LogMyCalls.

And the best part? You don’t have to change your phone system or install ANY hardware to record calls.

Here are 6 other things to know about call recording.

1) It is the forgotten feature

We talk about call tracking, Conversation Analytics, and automation so frequently that sometimes we forget about call recording. This is our fault. We don’t talk about call recording within LogMyCalls enough.

It just isn’t as sexy as the advanced functionality of Conversation Analytics. It just isn’t as fancy.

But, call recording shouldn’t be forgotten. It is a core feature.

2) It is legal

Sometimes we get questions about the legality of call recording. To be clear, call recording is totally legal. Here are the specifics for North America:

- Canada - Call recording is totally legal if the caller is informed that the conversation is recorded at the beginning of the call. This is usually done via an automated message such as, “This call is being recorded for quality and training purposes…”

- U.S. - In the U.S., the laws governing call recording are more lenient. The laws vary slightly by state:

One-Party Consent States - 37 states and the District of Columbia are what are called ‘One-Party Consent States.’ This means that only 1 person on the call needs to know it is being recorded. That 1 person could be the employee of the business. In other words, in 37 states and the District of Columbia you DON’T even need the call recording automated message, ‘This call may be recorded….”

Two-Party Consent States - There are currently 11 states that require two-party consent. This means that the caller and employee answering the phone must both be aware that the call is being recorded. This simply requires the, ‘This call may be recorded…’ automated message.

Two-party consent states are: California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland,  Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington.

The automated call recording message can be turned on or off within LogMyCalls with the click of a button. You could choose to set it up on some numbers but not others. You can even record your own custom greeting that notifies the caller that the call is being recorded.

3) It helps you be compliant

Call recording works for any industry. But, it is especially useful for companies that need to be compliant. For example, in the healthcare industry, managing call recording data is a great way to ensure that you are HIPAA compliant. Or, if you’re in the financial sector, call recording is an absolutely necessary tool to ensure that you comply with the various and sundry federal regulations.

Long story short: call recording will save you legal headaches and fees in the long run.

4) It quantifiably helps sales performance

When employees know they’re being recorded, they perform better on the phone. Call recording alone can increase sales performance up to 100%. It can increase close rates by 40% or more.

Long story short: call recording improves sales performance.

5) It’s actually really inexpensive

The beauty of recording calls via a SaaS is that the cost is low. For example, if you install a new phone system to record phone calls, you’ll pay tens of thousands of dollars. If you get a hardware call recording system you could pay hundreds of thousands of dollars.

With LogMyCalls you can pay as little as $69/month to get calls recorded. Then you can just log in and listen to phone calls.

6) REAL customer feedback

What do your customers actually hear when they call? What are they saying about your brand, your company, your products, your service, and your prices? Do they get frustrated? Are they asking about your competitors?

These questions and more are all answered by call recording.

by McKay Allen, Inbound Marketing Manager

Originally Posted on Logmycalls.com.

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  1. Kevin Rouse February 18, 2014 at 10:30 am #

    could you have someone reach out to me in regards to Logmycalls. I am a small insurance agency in the state of Illinois. I am starting to look into having my calls recoreded, I am not interested in changing my phone provider or hardware at this time. Thanks

    Kevin Rouse