Business Software Reviews: Recap of G2 Crowd Webinar

g2 crowd outline 0Last Thursday we hosted a webinar with Matt Gorniak, Co-Founder of G2 Crowd. If you’re not familiar with G2 Crowd, they’re the Yelp of business software (they might not like that comparison, not sure). G2 Crowd allows real users of real business software to leave detailed reviews about the software they use.

The webinar with G2 Crowd was great. It was titled: 5 Questions to Ask Before Buying Business Software. You should watch it. Good, good stuff and only about 35 minutes long.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the webinar (in my words, not G2 Crowd’s):

- Analysts are too slow

Part of the reason G2 Crowd exists is because enterprises were sick of waiting until quarterly or yearly analyst reviews came out before making purchasing decisions. G2 Crowd provides real and organic feedback in real-time. That’s a big deal. It quickens the purchasing process.

G2 Crowd was created in an effort to provide enterprieses with useful information about business software quickly.

- The analyst model is broken

If a company wants to be mentioned in a Forrester or Gartner report, that company better have a ton of cash…like $20,000 or more. This makes it nearly impossible for start-ups or growth phase companies to appear in major analyst documents, research papers, and reviews.

(Coming from outside the world of marketing, this surprised me. I assumed that objective analysts objectively reviewed all products and software. I was stunned that their model is pay-to-play. And not just pay-to-play but really expensive pay-to-play).

G2 Crowd fixes this model because it allows actual software users to review the software they use.

- The software companies don’t pay G2 Crowd

There is no pay-to-play model. G2 Crowd gets their money by compiling and contextualizing reviews for enterprises looking to buy business software. What’s even more stunning is that G2 Crowd will allow you to peruse the reviews and their product information for free on their site.

- The reviewers are verified as actual non-employee humans

Part of the inherent problem with many review sites is sketchy reviews from individuals that are not actually humans–or humans trying to game the system. G2 Crowd doesn’t allow sketchy reviews. It ensures that every reviewer is who they say they are because it verifies them with LinkedIn.

This means, for example, that I can’t review LogMyCalls 48 times. I’m an employee, I can’t even review it one time.

Vist the LogMyCalls profile on G2 Crowd. And if you’re a customer, give us a good review.

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