Is Twitter and Instagram the Next Big Thing?



Based on recent surveys, Facebook , which was once deemed as the coolest social network in the world, is not cool anymore  [Source]. The younger audience are beginning to switch to other social network such as Twitter and Instagram. Perhaps one of the reasons, is not to bump into their parents on Facebook, yeah?

Anyway, does it mean that Twitter and Instagram is the next big thing? Well, as marketers, we may need to see from different demographic angles which depend on the type of consumer group you are targeting.

Let’s break down into 3 simple consumer groups.

1. Teenage Audience

 Coolness is done for Us

If 80% of your consumers are in the teenage age group, perhaps targeting them on Instagram and Twitter might be an ideal marketing strategy. Companies that are in the music, video games, teens fashion, youth events and F&B industry may consider Twitter and Instagram as part of their new marketing direction.

2. Working Adults

These group of people are usually in the age between 25 and 47; they have the most purchasing power among the other two groups.

These consumers will usually look for products and services such as home furnishing, properties, travel, renovation, wedding services, beauty, automobiles and so on. Facebook and Google might be one of their most visited websites. Hence businesses that target this type of consumer group should continue to put their focus on Facebook and Google; while Twitter & Instagram can be a secondary focus.

3. The Retirees

This group of consumers are usually around the age between 48 and above. Well, most of them may prefer traditional print media rather than online media. Some of them have money to spend on travel, medical and investments.

So, if your company’s main targeted consumer audience has more than 70% of retirees, then you should consider print media and a little bit of online media as part of your marketing strategy. Twitter and Instagram may not be a good idea for you as of now.

Shifting of Consumer Trends

Change constantly with the consumers; There is no status quo in marketing

Change constantly with the consumers; There is no status quo in marketing

As technology advances, there might be another cool thing for teenagers in ten or twenty years’ time.  Teenagers today will become working adults in another 10 to 15 years, so it may mean that companies which used to market to working adults, may have to gradually shift their marketing focus from Facebook & Google to Twitter & Instagram. While companies that targets the Retirees group may need to shift from traditional media to Facebook & Google as well.

Recently, the Facebook group announced that Instagram will start to serve advertisements soon. Visitors may notice ads on Instagram news feed in months from now. This gives a hint to marketing strategists that Facebook feels that the consumer trend is starting to shift a little. Some teenagers are growing up to become working adults with purchasing power. Moreover, the recent IPO of Twitter may also add some weight to this hint as well. [Source]

And perhaps, the advertisers who take first advantage of this change, may gain the most in the future. Won’t we?

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