5 Reasons Why Being Humourous on Social Media Helps

Image credits: toothpastefordinner.com
Image credits: toothpastefordinner.com

As the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine of all”; in today’s social media age, brands with a little sense of humour, can often move a little further than the rest.

Here are five reasons why:

1) Funny things Spread

What the Spread? [Image credits: spreadingwings.deviantart.com]

What the SPREAD? [Image credits: spreadingwings.deviantart.com]

Consumers who find your online content interesting and humorous, are likely to share it with their family and friends on social media. Funny content usually gets better viral effect than the serious ones. Hence, lighten up!

2) Make Consumers More Open To Your Brand

Humour helps to break down that invisible “defensive wall” between the consumers and your brand. Chances of them buying your products and services will be higher.

3) Funny Brands Can Be Remembered Easily

Image credits: funnyasduck.net

Image credits: funnyasduck.net

I believe most of us would agree that it is always better to leave consumers a positive, light-hearted impression. Humourous content on social media attracts the positive vibes from consumers and makes them happy. In  such that they can remember your brand easily!

Do it well enough, and you can even create an amnesia effect such that slight transgressions by your company might be forgotten and/ or forgiven.

4) A Good Call-to-Action

When consumers become positively excited about your brand, they may feel a subconscious desire to buy your products and services. This is because positive emotion eventually leads to positive brand-consumer relationship and therefore, a positive call to action.

5) Humour Makes Your Brand a Friend

Image credits: thefunnyblog.org

Image credits: thefunnyblog.org

People like to hang around with friends that can make them laugh the whole day long. This applies to brands as well. Adding humour can help to build your brand personality like a friend that can joke with the consumers the whole day.

Your consumers will be more inclined to check your funny updates on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media accounts that can help brighten their day.

“Wait! Watch my Disclaimer!”

There is always an exception. [Image credits: jokeemail.com]

There is always an exception. [Image credits: jokeemail.com]

Sometimes when we want to insert humour into our brand content, we may also need to bear in mind whether the content is sensitive to issues such as race, gender, culture, politics or religion.

You will also need to consider if the funny content is relevant to your brand. In doing so, your brand avoid comments like “What the $#*% is this XYZ Brand doing?” from your consumers.

In Summary,

Image credits: veryfunnypics.eu

Image credits: veryfunnypics.eu

Humour, if handled well, can tremendously help your brand to shine brightly on the social network. Therefore, make your brand a little different from your competitors. So, get ready and tickle that funny bone in your consumers today!

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  1. Kathy Steinemann September 26, 2013 at 5:28 am #

    Good post, Jacky.

    I’d also ensure that each graphic showed the URL for the sharer’s website.