Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3… Why Is Direct Mail Behind?

describe the imageMarketers use call tracking to test. That’s the whole reason they invest in call tracking.

Online marketers want to test which keywords produce calls, which PPC ad copy generates calls, and which calls convert to sales.

Online marketers test everything. It is second-nature.

Why are direct mail marketers different? Why don’t they test as much?

Obviously part of the reason is that direct mail can’t adjust as quickly. That’s just the nature of printed material vs. online material. But, a bigger part of the reason, perhaps, is that direct mailers haven’t had a very good way to test. Call tracking solutions have been cumbersome and the industry hasn’t known how to implement them correctly.

Those days are over. Call tracking for direct mail is here.

So, what can direct mail marketers test?

- Color and Design - Different colors will produce different results. It requires testing to detemine which colors and designs produce the most calls.

- Call to Action - Phrases like ‘Call Now’ will produce better results than phrases that don’t have a specific command to call. Experiment with ad copy. Encouraging people to call now to get 10% off, or call now to talk to a real person, or whatever, will produce different volumes of phone calls. Test it and figure out what works best.

-  Ad Copy - The call to action isn’t the only thing that matters. The rest of the ad has to be written well. Just a few words can make the difference between a lot of calls and a few calls.

- Images - Obviously. Test this.

- The Offer - This might be the most important thing to test. What’s the offer? Some offers will produce more calls than other offers. Which ones work and which ones don’t? You’ll have to test to find out.

Still Think Testing Isn’t Important?

Imagine what a small 10% increase in calls could mean to your clients’ businesses. Imagine what that would do to their revenue. Imagine how much more money they would spend with you.

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One Response to Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3… Why Is Direct Mail Behind?

  1. Víctor Ocádiz August 20, 2013 at 2:39 pm #

    As a former employee of one of the once world leaders in direct mail usage (Reader’s Digest magazine) I can say that they tested everything! But speed kills and Reader´s got run over by new, faster changing conditions and nimbler competition plus it´s own disapearing client base due to aging; not being able to replace them with new ones. Today´s individual has most any information he might need or want at it´s finger tips.
    Some sort of inexpensive flexible and portable display will soon replace paper altogether. It will be wirelessly connected; enabling it´s user to interact with editors, advertisers, comunity of individuals withshared interests.