We Have to Earn Our Audience’s Attention

Listen Vs. Ignore - Toggle SwitchWe have to earn our audience’s attention. Let’s see how you’re doing at that. If you own or run a business, I’d like to you take this little quiz.

  1. Would you ignore your business phone 30% of the time it rings?
  2. If a customer was standing in a crowd of your best customers and complaining loudly, would you ignore them?
  3. If you had the chance to have the attention of your best customers and your best prospects for about 3 minutes uninterrupted, would you talk incessantly about yourself?

viagra after triple bypass I have to believe that all of you passed this quiz by answered “good golly no!” to all three questions. After all you hustle like crazy to capture the attention of your customers and potential customers, right? Only a fool would squander the opportunity once they

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earned it. And yet…that is exactly what’s happening online every day.

  • 30% of customer questions and comments on Facebook, Twitter and company blogs go unanswered.
  • 71% of complaints on Twitter are ignored.
  • 89% of corporate blogs only talk about themselves, their products, promotions and awards.

No wonder so many business people say that does once a day cialis work they can’t measure any ROI on their social media efforts. If anything, their ROI should come up as a negative number! Too many businesses cialis for bph reviews believe that social media networks are simply places they need to put a placeholder in. Like a flag that says, “Look, we exist here too” and then go to some autopilot

shout into the abyss mentality. The core idea behind Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ or any of the other networks out there is connection. Real, human connection. It’s why people share photos, stories of their day and get fired up about politics, religion and what their kid’s school is up to. And into that very personal and very meaningful conversation – most brands just blunder in and shout that they are having a sale. Ugh. Businesses spend thousands (and some millions) of dollars putting on elaborate dog and pony shows, with the hopes viagra 150 mg of capturing someone’s attention for a millisecond. So the assumption would be that they would actually value the attention, once they’d earned it. But the truth is, most businesses think of social media as the newest necessary evil. They can’t get out of their own way enough to canadian pharmacy pet meds see the potential in it or that they need to approach it with humanity for it to work. So what would that humanity look like? Real interactions: When someone talks to you, cialis auf rezept it’s polite to reply in a reasonable amount of time. If you can’t monitor and react to price of cialis at walgreens a social media stream – don’t be there. Every social media tool out there has a way for you to be notified

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if you’ve actually started or were mentioned in a conversation. Conversation, not monologue: No one enjoys being talked at. Your goal should be viagra forum discussion to spark conversation, not spit out rhetoric.

Conversations are started when we care about the other person and ask questions, offer helpful information and listen to what they need from us. Consistency: Just like all of our other relationships – we grow connections partially because of frequent exposures. You can’t get to know someone very well if you only communicate once or twice a year. It’s better to be fewer places but be in the places you’ve chosen more often. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Having a heart: If you don’t actually care – then don’t be there. If you genuinely care about your customers and what’s going on with them, then show that by asking questions, reaching out and being very human. You can create an amazing referral source and client base with your online presence or you can alienate those who already have you on their radar screen. All it takes is a little humanity to make it work.          

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One Response to We Have to Earn Our Audience’s Attention

  1. Petah Digby August 20, 2013 at 8:13 am #

    Thank you for articulating this … in the days of “attraction marketing” it matters. Happened to me recently – “away for a month” but autoresponder unrelenting with its assault including errors and out of date information which invited (me in this case) to call if interested in business opportunity.
    Calls went to an unattended answer machine. After 2 weeks, when I located a support person I was threatened with “blacklisting” should I seek a refund for a product “purchased” x 4 times (three of them due to sign-up error) and now, 5 weeks later person has returned maybe 10 days ago but no attempt made to contact me. A generic invitation to a webinar with an “I’ve been busy” mention … turned up … a “sell” in this of course … to solve my marketing problem!
    It might be worth getting blacklisted … ?