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Working With a Creative Agency

The following overview will help you become familiar with creative process and give you an understanding of your role in ensuring the success of your projects when working with your creative agency. S t e p  1 – Assign a Project Manager Assign one company staff member as the decision maker and contact person for […]

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Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3… Why Is Direct Mail Behind?

Marketers use call tracking to test. That’s the whole reason they invest in call tracking. Online marketers want to test which keywords produce calls, which PPC ad copy generates calls, and which calls convert to sales. Online marketers test everything. It is second-nature. Why are direct mail marketers different? Why don’t they test as much? […]

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We Have to Earn Our Audience’s Attention

We have to earn our audience’s attention. Let’s see how you’re doing at that. If you own or run a business, I’d like to you take this little quiz. Would you ignore your business phone 30% of the time it rings? If a customer was standing in a crowd of your best customers and complaining […]

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