Are you ready to get extreme?

Base-Jumping When I hear the word extreme my mind immediately goes to extreme sports — pharmacy canada online where people take extraordinary risks and do some crazy things. While I’m a risk taker by nature (I’m not sure you can own a business without being one) the word extreme gives me pause. An extreme sports athlete takes incredible risks and has to be at the top of his or her game to even dare it. The exposure to potential

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failure, and in this dosage viagra example — physical injury is very real and very possible. Which is why most of us don’t do it. But I’m sure viagrasuperactiveforce for the brave that do — it’s an exhilaration like few can ever know. Because along with the risks comes equal rewards兔子滑梯. I think back to the incredible risk I took in 1995 when I started my agency. Honestly cialisonlinepharmacy-topstore I was too young and ignorant (again discount online us pharmacy perhaps a parallel to extreme athletes) to realize how risky my choice was — but I definitely knew it wasn’t the safest option. But professionally, nothing I’ve done can compare and many amazing generic viagra usa rewards have come as a result. I think the word extreme is probably a pretty accurate word. Not everyone is cut out to extreme surf or

be airborne on a motorbike. Most are content to choose safer hobbies. And that’s okay. So when best selling author ( Radical Leap Re-Energized, Greater than Yourself, etc.) Steve Farber began talking generic viagra cialis online pharmacy to me about this event he wanted to bring to Des Moines called Extreme Leadership Intensive — I got curious in a hurry. His books teach over the counter cialis canada extreme leadership — using concepts like love, audacity and oh shit! moments, which is why I’ve embraced them for years. Turns out my extreme sport is what I do professionally and how I do it. tuxedo pharmacy Steve is bringing his day and a half workshop to Des Moines — and he’s calling for people who are ready to be extreme ph online pharmacy leaders to join him. This isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s not for leaders who are content to just be okay. This is for the men and women who truly want to leave legacy — in whatever way that matters to them. It’s for people who aspire to inspire — starting with themselves. It’s coming this month — July 18th and 19th and I can promise you this — it will be a thrill ride and you will come out a different person village fertility pharmacy than you went in. How many workshops can promise you that? Interested? Check out Steve’s video below and read more/register about the event here.

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