Does More Facebook Page Likes Gives You Better Business?


I get this quite a lot recently from some of my friends who are marketers and business owners, they will say, “Facebook is useless, I have 5,000 likes on my business Facebook page and yet my business ain’t moving.”

But a few of them will say, “Facebook page likes does matter, ever since I set up my Facebook page, market it on Facebook and started to create interesting posts around my brand, sales keep coming in everyday.”

So who is right and who is wrong?

Well, the small group of companies who gets better business from Facebook are the ones who are doing the things right; while the other bigger majority is doing otherwise.

Sad to say, this phenomenon will still keep on going.

Myth #1The More Facebook Page Likes You Have, the Better Your Business will Be

This is what most social media gurus will tell you,

“Get into Facebook, increase your page likes, create buzz and then your brand will become famous.”

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Business owners and marketers are so driven by the number and they will do whatever it takes to increase that; they will buy likes or spend tens of thousands dollars every month on “creative” Facebook advertising campaign just to get as many people as possible to like their page. Most of them somehow contracted an addiction, known as the Like Thirst.

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Myth #2: Facebook Page Likes is the Measurement of Your Social Media Success

Some social media agents will also tell you that the brand with the most number of Facebook likes, is the most successful brand on social media. So, they would want you to increase as many likes as possible through their massive likes campaign, online and offline; so that one fine day, you would have lots of page likes on Facebook and your business will become the top brand in the world.

Busting the Myth

Sad to say, the myths mentioned above are not really true in reality; the more Facebook Page likes you have, may not mean that your social media is a success nor will your business soar.

We got to see beyond these myths; what is more important and critical to your social media success will be the 3 following factors:

1) Quality of Your Page Likes

Focus on quality over quantity. Say if you are in the car business, your potential buying market should be working adults who have valid driving licenses. Your qualified likes should be this group of Facebook users. You should avoid spending too much marketing money on targeting non-qualified likes such as teenagers and kids on Facebook.

The more “off target” your Facebook advertising campaign is, the less quality your Facebook page will become. While the more “on target” you are, the better quality your Facebook page will be.


2) Strong Themed Content

The content of your Facebook page is vital. Your page content need to focus on a strong theme. If you are selling cakes, then all your posts, cover page, videos and pictures should be related to cakes. If you are into travelling, then your page should be all about travelling.

Have a strong themed content, will make other people perceived your brand as an expert in your industry; people will feel good returning to your page to look for advice on things pertaining to your products and services.

Most successful Facebook pages have strong themed content; and likewise, pages with a lot of likes but without strong themed content, will not become successful on social media. This is because consumers online are often confused about exactly what your brand is trying to tell them. I see some local Facebook pages of home furnishings brands, posting irrelevant stuffs like funny animals pictures, sweets, dance videos, travel pictures, inspirational quotes and poems to their fans. Without them knowing, these irrelevant posts can greatly reduce their brand credibility.

3) Return on Investment

Social media campaign can be fun and engaging, but we also need to see from a business point of view, whether there are positive return on investment or not. With a clear business goal, we will therefore be able to come out with realistic Facebook marketing and branding strategies in order to create increasing profits in the long run.

Hence, Facebook is Not Useless

We should not say Facebook is useless if it does not generate income to our business. We need to look into ourselves. Whether are focusing on getting quality page likes, whether we have a strong themed content and whether we have a business perspective or not, when we create our Facebook page. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and other social media platforms are merely tools for our business to reach and interact with a bigger audience.

It can be useful if we do the things right, while it can also be not useful, if we do the things incorrectly.

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3 Responses to Does More Facebook Page Likes Gives You Better Business?

  1. Roberta Jackson March 22, 2013 at 9:00 am #

    This article is riddled with so many grammatical errors–even in the title–that it is difficult to gain faith that the author is an authority on the subject or is communication-savvy at all. The positions taken may or may not be correct, but this reads much more like opinion than anything based in study or research…hence, in terms of identifying a measure of social media success, is kind of…useless.

  2. Kylie Malstrom March 22, 2013 at 9:31 am #

    I completely agree with the above comment. I got the impression that English was this writers third language. For someone giving advise about social media and communications, that is hugely disappointing. What’s sad is that it looks like it might be very good advise. But there’s nothing to back it up except opinion and I am so uncomfortable about the terrible writing that I can’t get through it.

  3. Eli Hernandez March 28, 2013 at 11:04 am #

    I concur with the two comments above. I am beginning to question BlogNotions commitment to quality blogs and writing. Do they allow just anyone to post to their blog(s)? I agree with Roberta – if the “writer” cannot put together a coherent sentence, how are we to take seriously the content of their material? This person needs to take a remedial English course at the very least, and possibly change careers in the most extreme. Let’s go BlogNotions, please raise the quality of your bloggers.