How to be Influential on Linkedin

I received an email from Linkedin recently, saying that I have one of the top 5% most viewed Linkedin profile in the year 2012.

Screenshot of the Linkedin email

Screenshot of the email from Linkedin

For professionals, being on the top 5%, shows that there are many potential employers or recruiters, eyeing on you right now. Your industry value has somehow climbed up much higher than many others. So, it is perhaps the time for you to ask for that pay rise.

A little bit of my Linkedin profile history. I only started setting it up sometime in late 2011; till today, I also do not have a lot of connection either. So, what is my secret in becoming one of the top 5% influential persons out of the 200 million members on Linkedin?

Here is 3 things that I would want to share with you:

1. Share Your Expertise

Learn to share

Learn to share your expertise on Linkedin

You need to share your expertise, this will definitely raise your own credibility. Writing a good Linkedin profile is one thing but you may need to do more than that.

You could join Linkedin groups that are closely related to your industry and interests. And then from there, communicate and give your expert opinions in popular group discussion on Linkedin.

2. Be Prominent, Everywhere

Make some effort each day, to be prominent on the internet and social media

Make some effort each day, to be prominent on the internet and social media

Leverage on the power of the internet and social media. Other than writing your own blog, you could also post articles on online business community websites, thereby sharing your personal brand to a wider niche audience.

The more articles you shared, the better the chances are that some of them may also get on Google first page; which in turn, will make more people want to know more about you.

From there, make sure to create a convenient link, such that people who have read your online articles, can also view your profile on Linkedin.

3. Find the Right Connection

Connect with the right people, one at a time

Connect with the right people, one at a time

Connect the right people on Linkedin. Being the top 5% most viewed Linkedin profile, does not mean that you have to connect with a lot of people on Linkedin like the open marketers do where they only connect for the sake of getting a lot of connection. This is not the right way in using Linkedin.

Instead, we should only connect with people, whom we can have mutual business relationship in the potential future. In order words, connect with like-minded people who you can build good rapport with and can communicate better with one another.

Well, all these are just my opinion; and if you wish to find out more, do connect with me on Linkedin today! And I will also be very happy to see you being one of the top 5% most influential persons on Linkedin in 2013 too!

Good luck!

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