Could your marketing strategy benefit from an outside audit?

Drew’s note ~ Here’s some practical advice from the folks at Simple all natural viagra Machines Marketing and we couldn’t agree more. We often start our engagements with new clients with an audit like Charlie describes: As a marketing

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strategist who works directly with clients, I’m very familiar with the frustration businesses feel when it comes to marketing. The common theme in a lot of the frustration has to do with uncertainty. When a client is responsible for making projections and they’re forced to deal with the probabilities and estimates best cialis online pharmacy of a new marketing boots pharmacy channel, that’s frustrating. The fact is that even businesses with a healthy revenue stream and an active marketing operation are often frustrated by uncertainties in girl viagra marketing. Is there still a good amount of revenue sildenafil cialis and alcohol citrate online out there that could be claimed with a sharper strategy? If you doubled down on your advertising budget, would that mean doubling your profits? Or, could you be spending less and seeing the same results? Maybe everything is perfect the way it is now? do you need a prescription for cialis in canada

The Objectivity Problem Assessing your own marketing plan is trickier than it sounds. While you might think that you’re looking cialis skin cancer at your strategy objectively, there are factors buy original cialis online that make this extremely difficult. For example, there’s a strong tendency to do things the way they’ve been done before—it’s just human nature. We’re already comfortable doing things a certain way, canada pharmacy and who’s to say that changing cialis vs cialis soft them now will make much of a difference? Plus, there’s pharmacy technician courses online canada the person who came up with this plan, and we don’t want to make her feel bad by changing it up for no good reason, right? An best liquid viagra

Unbiased Perspective With an outside marketing audit, businesses can benefit from a totally cialis online us pharmacy unbiased perspective on their marketing opportunities—free of any favoritism, precedent, or attachment 25mg cialis that might be obscuring a clear picture of the situation. To illustrate how the audit can play out, I thought I would share a couple of my own experiences with this process:

  • AdWords Overspending. Last year, we started working with a client who had already been advertising using Google’s AdWords for several months. They were spending a lot of money on all kinds of clicks; to them, that was a normal and why cialis doesnt work for me predictable amount to spend every month. When we performed an audit of their PPC campaign, we discovered that by focusing on more targeted keywords buy cialis in france and revisiting the copy, we could significantly lower their CPC and spend level while driving more targeted traffic at a higher conversion rate. The surplus budget from AdWords was recently put cialis pills online towards a telemarketing test – which has turned out to be a promising new lead generator.
  • In-store Marketing Overload: A different client recently asked a couple of us come out and visit his store for our marketing kickoff meeting. When we walked in the door, we noticed something right away: there was way too much in-store marketing. His store was crowded with signs, posters and displays—so many things all competing for our attention that we didn’t know where what if cialis doesnt work the first time viagra didnt work the first time costco pharmacy canada to look. When we brought this up to him, he generic sildenafil citrate told us that these advertisements had all been added gradually by his vendors; for him, the sensory overload wasn’t buy cialis overnight delivery something he ever really noticed or thought about. An outside audit helped him to realize that in order for any of these advertisements viagra super active to be effective, he needed to slim things down a lot.

These are just a couple examples, but they both illustrate why the marketing audit is a powerful and time-tested tool. Whether it’s your brand, your marketing channels, your ad budget, or the number of signs where i get viagra in your store, an audit can ensure that your plan is on the right track and that you’re not missing opportunities to improve. Has your business ever cialis 40 mg erectile dysfunction had an outside audit? What was the result? Charlie Nadler is the Marketing Strategist for Simple Machines Marketing, a Chicago marketing firm. Simple Machines works with a variety of small businesses in their area.

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