9 Keys to Wicked Awesome Landing Pages

Note from Drew: Every once in awhile I like to open up the blog to a guest with a depth of expertise that I think you’ll benefit from. Here’s Jason Well’s free cialis coupon take on landing cialis 20 mg reviews pages. A few weeks ago I spoke at SES New York about mobile PPC and SEO. I touched briefly on mobile landing pages. After the presentation one of the attendees walked up to me and said, “thanks for covering mobile landing pages, but most people still need help on their standard landing pages.” He was right. Especially in the B2B world, ‘regular’ landing pages are still critical. While keeping in mind that no landing page is perfect, there are a few simple (and not so simple) rules to creating wicked awesome landing pages.

  1. Goal – When you create a landing page what is your goal? Do you want people to download a White Paper, schedule a demo, or call you on the phone? This goal should be clearly defined and obvious to the visitor at-a-glance. Everything on that landing page should work to accomplish that viagra usage goal.
  2. Headline – The headline of your landing page needs to be short and precise. That is all.
  3. Brief Copy –There is a rule that journalists use that marketers should also apply. The viagra from mexico rule is this: use the fewest words necessary to get your point across.
  4. Call-to-Action – What do you want a visitor to do on your landing page? (Remember our discussion about goals above). This call-to-action should be crystal clear. (Think blatant, obvious and simple).
  5. Options – You don’t want to necessarily mandate that your visitors fill out a form. Give cialis doses 10mg them options. Place your phone number in prominent locations on the landing page so they can call you, if they prefer.
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  7. Fields – The other day I visited a landing http://viagraonlinepharmacy-best.com/ page that stunk. It was terrible. Why? Because they wanted me to fill out 16 information fields! 16! Now, there is no perfect number for form fields. But one thing iscertain: 16 is way too generic cialis online many.
  8. Testing – You should A/B test every element cheap generic viagra of your landing pages. Place phone numbers in difference locations. Change and tweak specific form fields. Change copy and headlines. can cialis cause diarrhea Test and refine. (Everyone knows they should do this, but most people don’t).
  9. ‘Retreat’ Offers – If someone doesn’t want to sign up for a demo on your landing page, for example, give them the option to download a White Paper when buy generic cialis online they leave.
  10. Metrics – Most canadian pharmacy generic viagra marketers know what percentage of visitors to their landing pages are converting. (i.e. how many people are filling canadian pharmacy wellbutrin xl out a form to download a product or see a demo). But does your conversion rate include people who called you as a results of your landing page? Does your conversion rate count those people who +1 you after visiting your landing page? Including those ‘other metrics’ in your conversion rate will give you a more complete picture of how effective your landing page actually is.

Bio: J ason Wells is the CEO of ContactPoint. Their new product, LogMyCalls, represents the next generation of intelligent call tracking and marketing automation. Prior, Jason served as the Senior Vice President of Sony Pictures, man on viagra where he led the creation and international expansion of Sony’s international mobile business line from London. Jason holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

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  1. Nick Stamoulis May 8, 2012 at 6:26 am #

    You can’t assume that a visitor will know what to do once they land on your site, which is why you need to show them. Call to actions are essential. If you are including a lead form, make it simple. People don’t have the time to fill out complex forms.