Why I Will Never Tell You What “One Thing” You Should Do in Social Media

Social Media Collage Why I Will Never Tell You What One Thing You Should do in Social Media

I get it. Not everyone has the time and resources necessary to implement an all-encompassing social media marketing campaign. Especially when you’re spending 40 – 60 hours a week running a business or managing a department, it’s hard to find spare time to spend updating your Facebook page or writing blog posts. So for that reason, I’m never surprised when people ask me, “If I can only do one thing with social media, what would you recommend?” In all honesty, the answer they’re looking for does not exist. Yes, I could lie and say something like, “LinkedIn, of course!” Or I could pick my favorite social media tool and push that onto people, but I would be selling short the true value of social media, and here’s why.

Every Business is Unique

I know this is an obvious statement, but it is the main reason why it’s impossible to designate one social network as THE mother of all social networks for every business. What may be the best social network for one business could be useless for a different company. Every company has a different target market and a unique selling proposition. Both of these factors must be closely analyzed when determining which social media outlets to utilize.

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

If someone told you, “just do this one thing and you’re guaranteed to make a million dollars,” wouldn’t you jump in head first and never look back? If you choose to restrict your social media efforts to just Facebook for example, you’re missing out on the potential benefits of a different network or tool that could be infinitely better-suited for your business. When you fail to give other social networks a chance, you put your business at risk of losing out on potential leads, exposure, or subscribers you could have gained via Twitter, or LinkedIn, or a blog. The great thing about social media is that you don’t have to choose “just one thing.” If fact, you shouldn’t choose just one thing because when you do, you’re essentially leaving money on the table from other social networks.

A Package Deal

Just as you need peanut butter, jelly, and bread in order to successfully make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, you need to employ several different social media tools in order to create a successful social media marketing plan. Each network and application serves a unique purpose. For example, you could dedicate all of your social media efforts toward maintaining a blog, but how will you promote new blog posts? Or you could spend all of your time building your following on Facebook, but how will you provide them with unique content or media? Each social media network or application adds a different component to your social media tool box, and a successful social media plan is one that utilizes the right mix of tools.

So What’s the Solution?

Alright, you’ve made it clear that there’s no way you could possibly dedicate enough time to every social network out there, so what now? Take it one step at a time. Start small and gradually ease into a more comprehensive marketing strategy as you feel comfortable. Start by researching where your target market hangs out online. Find your niche and make your presence known there. As you become more proficient in that network, branch out into the next area that makes sense for your company.

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3 Responses to Why I Will Never Tell You What “One Thing” You Should Do in Social Media

  1. Jaap Schuddeboom January 19, 2012 at 7:29 am #

    It is so true, I hardly have time to manage my social media presence, but on the other hand, social media is one of the most effective lead generators I use…

    Not only focus and one step at the time is very important nut also, in my opinion, use tools like HootSuite to manage multiple/different Social Media accounts.

    And another one is makeing a schedule for yourself in your agenda at what time with what frequency you will deal with your activities on Social Media. Even if it is ‘only’once a week, you still will have a presence which is regular. And the advantage is that if you are active on Social Media within a specific timeframe, you will have the rest of the time avialable for getting work done for your business.

    By the way, the same advice is applicable for handling your e-mail, which will save you a lot of time, compared to jump to answering/reacting to mail whenever a new message pops up in your email box…


  2. Carol January 21, 2012 at 5:55 pm #

    So true. There aren’t enough hours in the day for everything that should be done for online business. Social media is a must. How else will website be recognized? Darned if you do, darned if you don’t. More management of time is of the essence.

  3. Nick Stamoulis January 30, 2012 at 6:16 am #

    There is so much going on in social media that it’s impossible to only focus on one thing. A social media campaign is only successful if you do it correctly. It involves spending time, but it’s time well worth it.