How to Get People to Buy Online?

How to Make People Buy Online?

How to Make People Buy Online?

Do you notice the meaning of the title of the blog post? I have purposely put how you can get people to willingly buy your products from you online and not asking you how to sell things online.

This is what some marketing managers and internet marketing experts failed at times. Let’s look at getting on the first page of Google. A typical myth from some marketing moguls is that you need to be on the first rank in your PPC so that you will get more traffic and more sales. Half of this statement is true, you will sure get more traffic than your competitors below your ranking. However, it does not mean you will get more sales than them. I repeat one more time, even if you spend tons of money on being the first in search engines such as Google or Yahoo, it does not mean you will get more sales than those below you.

Marketers or companies who have been focusing on being the first on search engines will surely be disappointed when they read what I repeated twice on the previous paragraph. While this will also give hope to underdogs marketers with tiny budget but great minds.

To make people to buy online, you have to have connection with them. The first thing they will see when they click on your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Organic search ad will be your website. Based on my “One-Second Attention Rule“, the very first second they need to see in your website, is whether it shows what they want. If they are looking for a pen, make sure the page they are seeing is a pen and no other thing else. For once you have win your prospect their one second of attention, you will have a higher chance to make them buy.

Secondly, make sure your website is easy for your prospect to navigate. They can search for the things they want easily in a matter of seconds. Your website loads efficiently. And most of all, your prospects can easily find your call to action button. This is very important, at the beginning when you engineered your website, you must determine your website purpose. A website purpose depend on the genre of your business, simply means what you wish to convert. B2B businesses website purpose is usually getting prospects to leave down their contact details to follow up. And e-Commerce sites such as retail blogshop will be prospects taking out their credit cards and be converted themselves  into your paying customers instantly.

Last but not least, I believe the element you need to make people buy from you online or even giving you their contact details is Authenticity. Your business and brand needs to be authentic. There must never be any annoying pop ups or flash ads animation; the contents of your website should not have words that are too fake, in the sense, it sounds like you are trying to over-promise and under-deliver. Consumers today especially the Gen-Ys and the new Gen-Zs are pretty smart when it comes to internet. They can see through whether the online brand is genuine or just a marketing gimmick. Hence be honest and authentic in your online or even offline marketing efforts.

You Can  "Connect" with Your Prospects Even on the Internet

You Can “Connect” with Your Prospects Even on the Internet

Knowing, mastering and applying these 3 simple ways of making your prospect buy your brand online, you can easily be way ahead of your competitors who are too obsessed in getting traffic on the internet but fails to connect with the prospect who is a real authentic human being on the other side of the internet cyberworld.

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