4 Elements of Sales Performance and their Metrics

Effective metrics on sales performance are highly sought after by those of us trying to produce dashboards helpful to managing the sales cycle. Some metrics would be ideal, but are too costly to measure or just plain impossible to gather data for. Others are too artificially manipulated. We all know how crafty sales people are (oops, sorry! Some of my best friends are account execs…)

Here is a quick look at 4 elements of sales performance and the sales metrics that correlate to those categories.

Sales Performance Elements

The 4 elements of sales performance

Sales performance can be broken down into the four elements of :

  1. Readiness (how ready is your sales org to close sales leads?)
  2. Productivity (what is the level of productivity of your sales resources?)
  3. Efficiency (how well do these resources spend their time?)
  4. Effectiveness (how well do they close sales?)

By category, here are some typically good sales metrics:


  • Turnover
  • Training
  • Sales Capacity
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Headcount


  • Revenue per Sales Representative
  • Margin per Sales Representative
  • Revenue / Expense
  • Average Deal Size


  • Time Utilization
  • Sales Cycle Duration
  • Expense


  • Win/Loss Ratio
  • Customer Satisfaction

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