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Business Dashboard Topic: Facility Management Dashboards

While advising a facilities management subject matter expert, I came across a treasure trove of business intelligence dashboard presentations, white papers and other resources targeted specifically towards Facility Management professionals.

Dig right into these links:

White paper: Are Facility Professionals Using Dashboards?

[In the Facility Management community, the value add of Dashboards are just beginning to be
realized. If your organization collects data (and we know facilities departments typically collect a
lot of information) then funneling that data into a clear and concise Dashboard format can create
an effective tool for communicating business objectives to senior management. Dashboards often
speak the language of senior management; FMs who adopt these tools may be more effective in
communicating with senior management…]

Facility Management KPI

Facility Management Dashboards

And here is a deck for presenting business dashboard fundamentals to Facilities Management professionals interested in better KPI presentation:

Dashboards 101 for Facilities Management

And here are some examples of facility mgmt dashboards:

Parks Dept Facilities Management Dashboard

Pharmaceutical Facility Management Dashboard

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