Marketer’s Brain Food – So What is Your Unique Proposition?

Marketers Brain Food

Marketers Brain Food

Differentiation is a key to marketing success but what is your unique proposition supposed to be? This is a difficult concept for many who are sitting down and thinking of a new business idea. The creation of business differentiators to a new entrepreneur can seem overwhelming.

Here are 3 tips to make the identification of your unique proposition easier :

(1)    Consider what product or service you want to create and sell. Then list all the adjectives, verbs and nouns that you can associate with it.

(2)    Once you list the various descriptors link them together, for example, leadership modules are designed to individually educate managers. The key words to describe the leadership modules offered are individual and educate.

(3)    Now expand on the main descriptors and write out the reasons why these attributes are good. Continuing the example of individual and educate. The modules are individually designed learning units that can be completed as stand-alone or in a systematic manner. The leadership modules that Loreen Sherman provides are educational for managers who want to short-cut the system. There is no need to sign in to a school to learn because these units provide instruction on benchmarking, conflict management and motivational techniques.

As the list of material grows about the offerings clear benefits to the leadership modules comes out such as they are convenient and reduce the time spent in a formal classroom and are very flexible. Scheduling is no longer a main concern because they can be done anytime. Each leadership module is a download of information at the manager’s fingertips. Fast food for the brain.

After the list becomes a sentence, then a paragraph, a unique proposition will naturally appear, such as in this example where one could say, Loreen Sherman’s leadership modules are fast food for the brain.

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