Marketing Online and 5 Freebies

Look Up - It's Free!

Look Up - It's Free!

Marketing online today is complex but the complexity allows marketers to position themselves with much flexibility. For example, bloggers are allowed to write with little constraints. The blogging community passes information freely around that many would never have had access to.

Free content exists in online dictionaries and encyclopaedias that make attaining knowledge much easier. Many marketers have found ways to create content and give it away as free incentives for buyers to like their website or even promote their material.

Why do people like stuff that is free?

Many reasons, little risk and little cost are the dominant reasons. People like getting bargains. The free offering provides a sampling of what other products or services may be like so savvy buyers take the free offering to ensure that they know what is to follow.

As a marketer there are 5 freebies that you can offer to extend your offerings on the Internet:

(1)    Free articles that illustrate constructive steps to do something

(2)    Free tickets to concerts, events or shows to let more people experience the offering

(3)    Free calendars that promote their logo, sayings or material that helps the prospect learn more about them through the year

(4)    Free coupons to discount a service or product

(5)    Free newsletters to share and distribute information

Each of the freebies that you offer should provide high-quality value that the customer appreciates and feels WOW – They gave me this FREE!

Word of Caution: Never give poor quality products or services because buyers eventually learn that they have been had. This in turn hurts your reputation and limits the growth of your business.

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