Does Online Marketing Confuse Your Leadership Development Program?

Leadership Development Helps Marketing and Strategic Plans

The first armament to battle is to develop a strategic plan and so the executive leadership writes and writes. As soon as one online strategy appears, another has already replaced it making online marketing a sea of confusion. Here are five rules to apply to get rid of the seaweed in the midst of the pearl bed.

1)      Never click on a free add that times you. This is a gimmick to catch your online passwords and other information stored in your keystrokes.

2)      Don’t get overwhelmed by the many varieties of online marketing styles, techniques and tips. The confusion will make you want to find the seaweed to boil.

3)      Choose one type of marketing and work on it, build it, test and evaluate it then add one-by-one. Remember the tortoise and how he outran the hare with slow, diligent, forward motion movement.

4)      Don’t give up because most results happen at the end of the line not at the beginning.

5)      If confused, read, ask questions, learn and grow.

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