Cool Tools for Repurposing B2B Content

Being first to buyers with great content is critical. Since buyers have so many media channels at their disposal, marketers have to leverage those channels to get their message in front of buyers. Video is now so easy, inexpensive, and accessible to buyers that B2B marketers need to get on board.

We’ve been sharing our experiments with repurposing written content to video, using some cool tools. We have created a video version of our “Secrets of Case Study Winners” white paper on YouTube using screen capture software called Jing, and also on Brainshark. Please click the links and check them out. Although the production methods were quite different, the results are very similar.

The biggest difference in the process was the way we recorded the audio. In Jing, the audio is one long track–so it took quite a few tries to get the entire narration right all the way through. In Brainshark, each slide has a separate audio recording, so we could record and re-record one slide at a time. Brainshark also provides a telephone recording option; we used the VoIP option.

There are many other tools emerging for creating video and online presentations, including Screenr and Prezi. We all receive more and more great content coming into our inboxes via a link to a videocast. Admittedly, the quality of the video production–using webcams, computer microphones, and PowerPoint–is usually not great. But the quality of the content is often outstanding.

When the message is useful to buyers, the slickness of the video is secondary. B2B marketing departments who are accustomed to slick printed pieces and high-end web design will benefit from moving fast, spending less, and getting some simple videos out to their best prospects. These are great tools to deliver targeted messages and get conversations started.

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