Dashboard Spy First to Leak Klipfolio Beta

There’s a new web/mobile version of Klipfolio Dashboard coming out. And you may be able to get in as a beta tester. This is important news in the business dashboard community so I’m going to repeat it and drop the link for you again.

And, yes, I’m proud to say that The Dashboard Spy was the first to leak news of the upcoming beta.

klipfolio dashboard beta

I caught wind of it and communicated with Allan Wille. While I’m not at liberty to give more concrete details, I can tell you that it there is a chance to get in on the public beta test of this new revolutionary dashboard product.

Go to this page and you’ll see some links to check out. I’ve signed up there hoping to get into the beta and I suggest you do the same.


Enuf said. This is going to be hot.

klipfolio dashboard beta

The Dashboard Spy

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