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The Book on Business Skills for Today

The Book on Business Skills for Today

Don’t you like it when you get a good feeling? I know that when a new system works or a new product works I tell my friends about it. This is the way that I feel about business tips. They help people grow their business by providing information that will help them reduce the mistakes.

When I first launched my business I had completed a very good business plan but I learned as I implemented it that every step had challenges. So, I invested my time into learning how to do many different functions. I learned how to market, how to blog, how to write books, how to create a website, how to put up a Facebook FanPage and so on. Each of these learning steps was important to the building of Star-Ting Inc a publishing and leadership development company.

Today, I have experienced many WOW moments, one was to be the ‘Entrepreneur of the Month’ another was to be accepted in the Heritage Registry of Who’s Who. I am excited with these accomplishments and want to share with you a WOW book. I have written a compilation of tips to help you with your business growth. ‘The Book on Business Skills for Today’ available in paperback and on Kindle will help you:

(1)    How to maximize productivity;

(2)    Increase customer satisfaction;

(3)    Provide reliable services;

(4)    Strategic Suggestions to gain a competitive advantage

(5)    Equip professionals for today’s changing workplace.

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