Business Skills and Customer Service Rapport

A general delivery man needs business skills to communicate.

A general delivery man needs business skills to communicate.

The ability to talk with customers is a business skill. Some find it easy and others have to work on customer rapport. Courtesy is a foreign language when not practiced. To make a customer happy people think they must be in agreement with everything the customer says. This is not a total truth. For example, if the customer is wrong or misunderstands then a wise customer service representative will clarify the situation. Explanations allow the customer to receive proper and substantial information.

Executive Communication Teaches Proper Business Rapport

The problem is that many people do not know how to explain their position without arguing. Clear and concise service rapport meets the challenge of instructing reps who have difficulty. One way that business support allows the customer rep to improve his/her business skills is to follow the following three steps:

(1)    Keep the tone of the conversation on a casual, friendly level.

(2)    Maintain eye contact.

(3)    Speak with words that show enthusiasm and helpfulness.

When the customer service rapport is conducive to meaningful and caring exchanges then both the customer and the business organization are winners.

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