NCAA Twitter Dashboard

The Wall Street Journal created an interactive graphics dashboard to track the NCAA tournament. it’s still up and operational and I urge you to take a look. You’ll see that the NCAA dashboard, composed mostly of text, features the latest Wall Street Journal headlines on the left panel and tweets on the right side. Load the page and let it run and you’ll see that this updates in live time.

Take a look at the screenshot and I’ll provide the link to the live example below.

NCAA twitter dashboard

To view the live NCAA Twitter Dashboard example, use this link:

Wall Street Journal NCAA Dashboard

Of interest, in this dashboard, on the different navigation devices used. At the top, we start off with two major tabs one for the interactive graphics and one for the comments. Lower down, we have several areas of navigation. The top left horizontal navigation lets you flip between the live blog and the headlines. On the right side, we have further game specific navigation. Note the use of the triangle indicator which is a nice web 2.0 / social media convention used to highlight the right side panel.

I also like how this is a usable application. Note the lower right side contains an actual tweeting area which you can use to share your thoughts. One excellent usage there is that the input box is preloaded with the hash tag for the event.

This is an excellent use of the dashboard layout and a good example of how text content can be all you need on a dashboard. Note however that text is not the only element. You can navigate to live video feeds as well as statistics.

This is a good example of the high quality graphics that the Wall Street Journal puts into their interactive dashboards. An excellent example of using flash technology to enliven data.

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