Marketing the Royal Way

Marketing in Royal Style

Marketing in Royal Style

Who: Catherine, Elizabeth ‘Kate’ Middleton (born 9 January 1982) is the fiancée of Prince William of Wales.

The royal wedding has caught the attention of the world. People here in Canada are excited to see video and photographs of the royal couple. This is an exciting time in world history.

With all the excitement many marketers are looking at ways to ‘cash in ‘on the new opportunities that will open. As the couple marries, focus on Katherine Middleton’s hair style and wedding dress will set new fashion styles for others to imitate and copy. The fashion industry is buzzing with how they can capture Kate’s style. Her colors, her neckline, her hemline and even her jewellery will be marketed.

Then there is the elegant flavour of Prince William, who will set his signature on the fashion industry. As a strong potential for England’s future king, he will make statements that others will copy in his apparel. So, marketers are watching.

But, more than their elegant style in dress, as leaders, both Prince William and Kate Middleton will set standards in their life patterns. What they do and they don’t do. The first step is in their wedding vows. As they speak to each other making commitments what words they speak will set patterns for others as they are watched and imitated. Already, people are speculating if Kate will follow Lady Di’s lead not to include the promise to ‘obey’ her husband. Perhaps leaving out that word many years ago led to the demise of Lady Di. What do you think? Certainly, this is not the result, nor the wish I want for the Royal couple.

As future hopes on such a lovely occasion, the new marriage is sure to capture and delight marketers all across the world. Let us hope that the royal couple finds as much happiness in the products of their protégés!

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