Construction Dashboard Example

Construction industry metrics are carefully scrutinized to squeeze every bit of profit out of a job. Just as a job site is carefully run, program metrics are measured and tracked from Day One.

Here’s an example of a construction dashboard. If you want to follow along and view the example for yourself, use this link:

Construction Dashboard Example

Here’s a screenshot of the first dashboard page:

construction dashboard

The construction industry dashboard tracks:

Subcontractor payments

Labor costs

Supplier cash management

Health and Safety metrics

Stock levels

Purchase Orders


Various roles and functions within an organization is server as well:

Executive Management / C level: Identify which projects are overspending and where. Monitor the financials of each department. Provide a board level overview which aids better-informed decision making.

Project Management: Monitor milestones, the progress of every stage of the project, resource usage and risk management.

Financial Management: Improve the clarity and availability of financial measures such as budgeting, forecasting, cash position, earned value analysis, cost performance and variance.

Supplier Management: Track performance against Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of suppliers and subcontractors.

Human Resources: Monitor staff contracts, health and safety issues, sickness levels, trends and payments.

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