Leaders Must Deal With Stress Issues

Are You Stressed Out?

Are You Stressed Out?

To find a leader for the next generation will take someone skilled and a visionary to embrace the problems that the future will hold. One factor that the leaders of tomorrow need is leadership skills on how to motivate their employees by reducing the stresses prevalent among them. Information is a key to good decision making then better decisions will arise.

On April 19, 2006, Workopolis was reported on Business Television that most people put work stress ahead of home stress as their biggest worry. Louise Harley, who is a clinical psychologist talked about mental health and how it affects job performance and promotions of the workers. Depression, anxiety and stress are the unseen, invisible, disability of today’s professionals. Over commitment, time management, deadlines, trepidation are problems.

Organizational leadership needs to market ways to beneficially help their employees like: fingertip help on stress and advice from qualified professionals. The downside for many is the rise of competition causing an even greater stress factor. Teenagers are stressed out, more committing suicide and differentiating oneself as a unique, valuable individual may be harder to accomplish. These factors become prevalent in the workplace as the stress related diseases increase. Leaders must deal with these pressing stress issues.


Business Television. Louise Harley interview. 2006.

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