Case Study Winners: It’s About the Client

Our new white paper, “Secrets of Case Study Winners,” outlines quite a few specific strategies for B2B companies to create successful case study programs. The idea for this white paper was borne from my observation that case studies are remarkably difficult for most B2Bs to generate, yet they are usually the most valuable marketing content a B2B can provide for its sales force. We see companies shy away from case studies, just to avoid the unpleasantness of a client’s rejection.

Naturally, the companies who ask us to write the most case studies are the companies who don’t avoid them. I wondered what they were doing right, so we interviewed them for this white paper.

My favorite discovery in this white paper is the generosity that our “Case Study Winners” show to their clients. Their entire approach is to deliver case studies as a service to the client. They write about the client’s success and leadership, not their own. Then they help their clients repurpose the content for the client’s benefit—in the publications and at the events where the client wants to position themselves as industry leaders.

It’s a brilliant strategy: a proverbial “win-win.” The client gets more exposure among its peers, and the B2B gets more exposure among potential clients.

More B2Bs could adopt this strategy, to energize their marketing content and help bond with clients at the same time. The white paper goes into detail on how to implement it. Let us know how it works for you.

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