Market Yourself in 2011

At the dawn of 2011, too many of my friends and colleagues are still unemployed or underemployed. And many are stuck in jobs they hate because the job market seems frozen. In the spirit of making next year better, consider Kim Bishop’s new book, Get Down to Business and You’ll Get the Job, as a tool for change.

Full disclosure. Kim is a friend of mine. I respect her experience and expertise. She gave me a free copy of the book.

Kim Bishop has been on both sides of the table and as a result has written an effective handbook for job-seekers at all levels. Jam-packed with tips and suggestions, links to online and offline resources and practical advice to calm your nerves and focus your search, this is the book for anyone who wants to get their next job early in 2011.

Bishop understands the landscape, the hiring mentality and the tools you need to work the system in your favor and she explicitly lays out a fact-based game plan anyone can follow. Lots of these “get-a-job” books are full of self-serving opinions and motivational hype. This one isn’t. It’s realistic, practical, accessible and do-able.

She has a system, complete with its own acronym, which takes the emotion and the kvetching out of the job search equation. Her basic message is to treat job search like a job, be disciplined, follow-up and know your product and your market.

Sounds intuitive. But for most people anxiety about skills, money and public face short circuit effective job searches. You probably know a lot of the stuff she lays out. But there are many little nuggets and data points that come from her insider bag of tricks.

This book won’t guarantee you a new or better job, but it will give you a competitive edge and arm you to work the system much more effectively than those other 500 guys competing for the same post. It’s an $18.98 investment with a positive ROI.

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