Be a Renaissance Marketer

"Today’s marketers have got to be far more focused on enlightenment.They’ve got to be bold. They’ve got to be a leader. They have gotto challenge the status quo."

– Donovan Neale-May (Exec. Dir., CMO Council)

The only perception that matters is the customers’.

A "Renaissance man" (or woman) is defined as "a person who has wide interests and is expert in several areas."

Sounds like you, right? The entrepreneur – the expert in a few areas with wide interests and purview over the many diverse aspects of your organization.

The entrepreneur is a Renaissance marketing and Renaissance businessperson. You must be an accomplished and versatile leader, you must be adept at learning and applying new ideas in marketing and quickly grasping new marketing technology and you must be capable of translating all of your marketing efforts into CEO and CIO level information on which you can make sound decisions.

According to some interviews with leading CMOs in a the AMA’s "Marketing News", there are several qualities that define a Renaissance marketer, and thus, a Renaissance entrepreneur.

  1. Vision and perspective on where the industry is headed
  2. An advocate for trying, testing and learning new things
  3. Complete command of the entire marketing and sales process
  4. Confidence and conviction with humility and transparency
  5. A deep understanding of segmentation and company positioning
  6. An integrated marketing mindset – know when to use the right tool for the job
  7. Intimate knowledge of how things are sold and how money flows into the organization

How do you stack up as a Renaissance Marketer?

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