The Practice of Marketing

Have you thought about what it means to really practice marketing?  I mean really, truly, deeply practice it?

According to Wikipedia, practice is merely the reinforcement of actions that serve to generate an outcome or outcomes.

We believe that by improving the type of practice we do, we can in turn generate better results at a faster rate.

Author Roberto Moretti has identified five key processes that make for efficient practice, namely:

  • Identification – building an awareness of what you are practicing to ensure you know how to do it perfectly.
  • Isolation – the selection and focusing on something that is the proper size for one’s focus to process and execute with a high degree of perfection.
  • Reinforcement – the action of consistently and continuously repeating the above-selected action so it becomes autonomous.
  • Integration – the practicing of interrelated actions either one after each other or together to construct and train in more complex actions or sequences of actions.
  • Escalation – consistently selecting new practice material congruent with one’s goals in skill acquisition as previous material is mastered.

Take stock of your practice of marketing today. Deepen your engagement in your craft, seek feedback, reinforce your good habits and learn new ones (and then repeat the process all over again!)

What are you doing today to perfect your practice of marketing?


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