What Marketers Wish They Knew for Success

To Have a Crystal Ball

To Have a Crystal Ball

Follow-up is a definite challenge and not always easy. There is the difficult time considerations and courage. Yes, it takes courage to persevere when you are tired, upset, ill or plainly bored. Following up is not easy, which is why few actually do this.

Challenge your marketers to not just wish they were actively following up their leads or clients. Sometimes, embarrassing amounts of time prevents you from lifting the phone and calling, do it anyway. There is an old adage that if you do not have the sale, then it already is a ‘no’. Calling can only turn it into a better answer with a yes. Rarely do you lose anything but a few moments of anxiety and a bit of time when the call is refused.

To initiate a cold contact is difficult when the stakes seem apparently high. Can it be because this creates a tension from feeling inadequate, unprepared, confused, uninterested, and unmotivated? Maybe. Sometimes the stakes are high and the apparent illusion to failure with the contact not responding appropriately may mean a loss of a deal, loss of a contract, loss of a financial opportunity. This is frightening.

So, forget about the losses and stave off the fear. Get prepared, schedule the time, allot for contingencies, allocate yourself to be engaging and pray! The fear of the Lord is worse than the fear of a refused phone call or rejection.

Now upon saying that I admit I am weak in this area, these words are challenging to my spirit as I consider the task of making the next corporate call. I know that when I go to the phone I will have in hand my objective, perhaps even some questions so that I can engage in further discussion. The hardest part about follow-up is not being a fortune-teller, I don’t know the outcome until I have the strength to face the challenge and try. So, what every marketer wish they knew for success is what is inside that crystal ball.

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