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A Very Important Question to Ask

When a company loses sales because of strong market competition then most of the financial planning is useless. The reason is that without sales no money is coming in to the company to continue its existence. Without customers or a client base there are no sales. So, a very important question to ask is: How can a company start or re-start its engines?

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Environmental Scanning Complements Competitive Intelligence

A good manager will include environmental scanning as a part of his/her decision making process. The man in the photo is looking at the downward arrow in his chart to re-consider his plan of action. Environmental scanning is required. This will allow the company to collect information on other competitors in order to cut costs for example.

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Don Draper Wins with Emotion (Part 2 of a Series)

In Part 1, I described the contrast between 2010 and Don Draper’s 1964 in B2B marketing. Today, marketing is largely a numbers game. But Don Draper understood the “delicate, yet potent” value of emotional engagement with the buyer. How can we marry emotional engagement with today’s analytical tools that help us manage our efforts? That’s […]

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Today’s Marketplace is Not Congruent with an Ordinary Business Man

What if there was a way to simplify the process of the information highway? Would that not be helpful? There is. Workplace training is essential to build business skills. One-at-a-time. So that the end results of workplace training allows the ordinary man to understand the new marketplace. The business skills acquired in workplace training does not overwhelm the ordinary man. The business skills give confidence to the ordinary man, changing him with new information. The ordinary man is transformed from not being congruent with the marketplace to confidently understanding the new marketplace in today’s business environment.

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Is All Our Market Research Wrong?

Marketing research as always relied on psychological concepts, theoretical constructs and interview and survey techniques widely considered as surrogates for reality. Billions in ad campaigns have been committed on the basis of the results unearthed. Yet, in his forthcoming book Consumer.ology: The Market Research Myth, Philip Graves, a consumer behavior consultant, trashes long-standing marketing research […]

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Teleservices Business Process Outsourcing: Want to Go North or South?

Business process outsourcing of teleservices—lead generation, lead qualification and lead nurturing—generally goes in one of two directions: north or south.

North is good. A best-practice teleservices firm closes the gap between marketing and sales to create demand, qualify leads, and fill the client’s pipeline with the rock-solid, sales-ready opportunities needed to drive revenue.

South is not so good. Unfortunately, many companies have had negative experiences with teleservices firms that deliver so-called “leads” when they lack agreed-upon qualifying criteria and only serve to waste sales reps’ time. This leads to sales and marketing executives feeling they haven’t gotten the results and ROI they expected, and they are reluctant to consider teleservices outsourcing as a viable option.

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Online Coupons UP 49% in 1H 2010

If you think only little old ladies clip and use coupons; think again. But if you think that the recession has recruited and empowered  a new generation of savvy coupon seekers and users; you just might be right. According to a new survey from RetailMeNot a leading personalized coupon distributor and data from, 80 […]

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