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Serve Before Selling

David Maister, author of the book The Trusted Advisor, is noted for asking “Are you really trying to help or just win the business?” Ask yourself that question right now. What answer did you come up with? You may dismiss that question as simplistic, but think of the businesses that you’re most loyal to. Think […]

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New Report on Selling Consulting Services

A lot of what we talk about here on BlogNotions’ Marketers Blog focuses on marketing. (How’s that for a revelation.) Marketing, however, isn’t worth much if you can’t convert great strategy, brand, positioning, and messaging into opportunities. And it isn’t worth much if you can’t convert those opportunities into new business.

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The Art of Social Media Conversations (an Interview with Jason Falls)

In this video I interview Jason Falls, founder of Social Media Explorer. Jason is an expert in helping large corporations build social media strategies.

In this interview, Jason shares the biggest mistake businesses make when using social media. He also shows the similarities between social media and public relations, how to engage customers and his excellent insights into the future of social media.

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Ten Keys to Social Media Success in 2010

Not a day goes by that most of us aren’t touched in some way by the power of social media and social networking, but many business owners are still hesitant to tap into that power for their organization. There are 10 things you can do to ensure success with social media in 2010.

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How to Stop Leading in a Downturn

Batten down the hatches. Stick to your knitting. Trim the fat; trim some more. With no end in sight for the recession, you must embrace new ways of leading if you want to compete in a downturn… STOP! You and your team have heard the mind-numbing drumbeat of endless how-tos “in a downturn” for the […]

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Why we take Marketing seriously at Conifer Consulting!

I was interviewed by the Center for Ethics & Entrepreneurship about Marketing issues and how to think about it in the context of starting a company.  You can read my interview here where I talk about it in the context of why “Marketing is the Soul of well-run Business” (this is an original quote of mine). […]

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Lead Nurturing Thoughts to Share

Here’s few thoughts that I’ve had on lead nurturing that I’d like to share and get your input on:

1. Lead nurturing supports the conversation of the customer before, during and after their buying process.
2. Sowing + Nurturing = Reaping. As you sow, so shall you reap. A relationship properly sown, tended to, and helped along should reap a long and bountiful harvest.
3. Lead Nurturing is about building relationships through relevant conversations, not campaigns.

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