Archive | January, 2010

Making Your Channel “Product-Friendly”

Guest article by Al Morgan, Channels Performance, Aventi Group A few months back Sridhar discussed the importance of tailoring your product or solution to the channel. It’s a vital step to ensuring that you will maximize the revenue opportunity through channels. An integrated program will ensure initial mindshare AND pave the way for initial success.

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Is Thought Leadership Necessary?

“They told me I had to become a thought leader or I’d never achieve great success as a professional.” This is what a leader at a professional services firm told me recently that a marketing consultant told him. He didn’t say this to me matter-of-factly either. He said it with a mix of fear, skepticism, […]

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Tap Into the Love Affair with Rewards Programs

We all know it’s more cost effective to keep the customers you have rather than attract new ones to your business. But do you offer any incentives to the upper echelon of your customer base through a points, rewards or other loyalty program to encourage them to continue their already good behavior? There is a […]

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