Social Media Isn't for Everyone

These days our social interactions and our online interactions are overlapping. And, if you read any marketing blog, or watch any entertainment television, you’ve likely been led to believe social media is the holy grail. Lately the common thought seems viagra alternatives gnc to be: by integrating social media

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into your marketing plan, your business plan will magically take off. Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple. While there is clearly value and power to be found within social media, it is also important to remember: • There are levels of involvement and not everyone should do a deep dive • It’s no magic bullet — we’re talking

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a serious time commitment • It does not eliminate the need for traditional media efforts If you look at this great diagram by Gary Hayes you’ll see that there are degrees of involvement that correlate with different activities. The Consumer: This is the person/company who actively listens to what is being said online about themselves, their company, their industry etc. This, I believe is the level that ALL people/companies need to be at. (check out this great post by Jason Falls about listening) The Sharer: This is where you go from reading it to sharing it. Maybe you tweeting great reads or you have one of those blogs where you just list other blog posts worthy of reading. You might also be an association or company leader who wants to create cialis price in chennai< word of mouth or keep your team current. (Word of mouth elevates you as well as what you share.) The Critic: I take exception with Haye’s label on this one. Yes, at

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this level of activity, you might be criticizing something, but I think in most cases you are reacting interaction of viagra with alcohol to something that’s been said. You are adding additional facts, correcting a misperception or asking a follow up question. (If you’re doing a good job at level one (The consumer) you’ll be able to respond quickly.) The Editor:< There's nothing that says you have to create all new content if you want to deep dive into social media. You could create a site like MarketingProfs that has many authors creating and re-purposing content or perhaps you belong to a group (like my agency networking group) and everyone writes a little…which adds up to a lot. The Creator: This is where many will tell you that you need to be. It’s mandatory. I think that’s rubbish. In fact, I think most people should not be here.< Why? Because of the time commitment is huge. Because generic cialis there may not be any ROI for your company to be blogging/content creating. And because most people will start…and then stall. I'm not saying this isn't a smart strategy. I'm just saying it's not for everyone. I believe that everyone needs to be a how much does a prescription of cialis cost< consumer. And as a result of actively listening…they can and should be sharing and critiquing when need be. For many, that's where it should end. And there's nothing wrong with stopping there. What do you think? Should everyone have a blog? Are we all content creators at heart?

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9 Responses to Social Media Isn't for Everyone

  1. Mike Marn August 6, 2009 at 7:27 am #

    Drew – I think your analysis is pretty dead-on, overall. The “rush” to social media is helping to devalue social media a bit. There’s content, and there’s “valuable” content. It doesn’t have to be a cancer cure or even adhere to the “people read lists” theory. (“10 reasons…” or ” The five best things you can do to…”.
    But it has to introduce an interesting topic or add to the discourse. If a company or individual is doing it A) because someone told them they should, or B)just to build visibility that translates into biz as soon as possible, it just adds to the tonnage.

    Everyone should get smart ABOUT social media — which they can get from participating at, as you describe it,the consumer level, before deciding if going beyond that makes any sense.

    As to your ending questions: yes, we are all content creators at heart. Every barroom has plenty of “content creators” who could solve all the world’s problems if only someone would listen. But who wants to?

    Which is why, NO, everyone should NOT have a blog; only those who can provide “valuable content.” Writing that is, for one reason or another, worth reading. Ideally, speaking WITH an audience, not TO it. So many bloggers, corporate and individual, are simply like drivers that pull up to the corner with their radios way too loud. You have to listen to them until the light changes, but are relieved to get away.


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