Archive | June, 2009

Video: Using Facebook for Your Business

Everyone’s heard of Facebook. Perhaps you use to keep in touch with your college pals or keep your family updated on what’s going on with the kiddies. But did you know you can actually use Facebook for business? YES, it’s really true. I recently sat down with one of the world’s leading authorities on Facebook […]

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Are You Afraid of Facebook and Other Social Networks?

Apparently, if you are a manager, the answer is yes. If you’re someone updating your status and telling people your home will sildenafil import / buy viagra and cialis online / / pharmacy tech degree online / generic viagra sildenafil be unoccupied (and ripe for a online viagra burglery) the answer is no. Two […]

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5 Lead Nurturing Tips to Create Relevant and Engaging Emails

A recent MarketingSherpa survey of email recipients found that 58% of those who stop reading, disengage, or unsubscribe after cite “lack of relevance” as a key factor. This is hugely important because most marketers rely on email as their main lead nurturing tactic. As B2B marketers, we should have it drilled into our brains that […]

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