Archive | April, 2009

Why VP of Sales Must Be in Strategy Sessions

Why is it that CEOs rarely invite the VP of Sales to strategic planning sessions? The most common reason is the fear that the session would distract them from their primary job, sales. I think this is very shortsighted. I ran a strategy session this week with a CEO and his whole staff including the […]

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On Lead Nurturing – Thinking Beyond the Send

The challenge today is not in generating leads, but truly connecting with them. That’s why lead nurturing matters. This is why I found this post by my friend Ardath Albee titled, “Strategy Beyond the Send” helpful. Ardath’s post gives some useful ideas on how we can better connect by thinking, “like your prospects do when […]

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New Research Reveals Marketing Role of White Papers

InformationWeek recently released a report titled, “Tech Marketing: Best Practices Research Series: White Papers: How to Maximize the Use of White Papers in Your B2B Marketing and Sales Process.” Yes, that is a mouthful, but so is the report. It full of great facts about the marketing power of white papers.

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