Archive | March, 2009

Seven Tips to Improve Cold Calling for Lead Generation

In spite of the fact that in the past pushy salespeople and poorly trained marketers have tarnished the image of the phone, I still believe that reaching out via phone is a very effective lead generation tool. Studies by leading marketing research firms like MarketingSherpa show that 92% of B2B buyers are open to cold […]

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How to Keep Upbeat in Tough Times

I recently interviewed Rajesh Setty, author of the forthcoming book, Upbeat in the below video. Check out the shoe salesperson story! BTW, this was recorded in high definition. Be sure to select the HD option under the arrow menu on the right. [youtube uWNDSoesMA0 400]

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Handling Conflicts…the Abe Lincoln Way

We hung up the phone thinking “whew” that call sure got hot. An irate customer? A demanding boss? A frustrated sales rep? Nope. It was an internal planning meeting between sales and marketing for fiscal year 2010. Not all such meetings, of course, are this animated but this one sure was. And that’s not always […]

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